The internal work environment at Gepil far exceeds any corporation for which I’ve worked. All of our senior staff are approachable. I can honestly say, Gepil is the best employer in our area. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Gepil team. I am happy to work in the company since the past 4 years.

Rakesh VashiDGM - SAP & System
Corporate LGLLP

I have been working in the company since the past 10 years. The work environment in the company is relaxing and friendly. A great team environment. Work ethic is more professional with passionate people and exciting work atmosphere.

Amisha R. PawarReceptionist
Corporate LGLLP

A very comprehensive exhibition on environment and sustainable development.

Sudhir Kumar MisraCEPRD, Indore

Interesting business proposition of taking away the waste handling responsibility from the generator to your own self.

Arun SrivastavaDepartment of Atomic Energy, Mumbai

Noble venture, i hope it serves as a model for some more such ventures.

Alok GuptaAutomobile Sector, Noida

Very interesting and useful work, commendable efforts.

Dr. Om NaugiBHEL, New Delhi

I find the GEPIL is doing excellent work in pollution control and environment protection

Y.R. KarnalConsultant (Oil, Gas, Petroleum), New Delhi

It’s indeed a great privilege to know the company’s activity in the field of Environment

Dinesh NarayananCentre for Biochemical Technology, Delhi

Wonderful! You are doing a great job

H.R. VaishInstapower Ltd, New Delhi

Good job being carried on for environmental protection, keep it up.

A ManoharanCPCB, Delhi